Managed IT Services

At the core of all of our offerings are Managed IT Services.  Most small businesses these days know they need information systems, but rarely need full time support.  Managed IT services provide all the products and services necessary to keep your business systems up and running full time without interruption!  

Running a business and remaining competitive is hard enough as it is without having the distraction of malfunction business systems.  Hardware and software doesn't run efficiently all by itself.  It takes unwavering diligence and constant effort to ensure systems do what they were meant to do.  That is the focus of our business that allows you to focus on yours!

Our managed services offering includes complete management of everything you'll see below!

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

We are well versed in Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, along with other smaller, private cloud providers.  Offering a range of products, let us help you integrate your business process with the latest cloud offerings.  From individual application integrations to complete workload migrations, we've seen (and done) it all!

All, some or none of you business can function in the cloud.  We can help you understand what option will work best for your business. With cloud computing the latest in technology advances for business, be among the first in your industry to take advantage of the most recent developments, fine tuned to fit your business with only what you need!

Disaster Prevention

The more businesses rely on data the more that data needs to be protected.  The events that lead to data loss aren't always avoidable.  Hard drives fail, data gets encrypted involuntary, users carelessly delete entire volumes full of data.  These things happen.  And not being able to recover from them defines a disaster!  Don't let disaster visit your business!

With local and remote storage rates at their lowest cost ever, there's no reason to suffer a disaster when all of your data can be backed up to multiple locations.  Whether individual files are backed up or complete system images, we handle the configuration and ongoing monitoring of all of you valuable data.  Housed in secure data centers and encrypted for additional security, your data has never been safer!

Compliance and Security

Your data is beyond valuable!  In some cases, it's priceless.  Especially if that data consists of personal information or trade secrets.  If any of that were to get compromised, they damage to your businesses reputation could be long lasting or permanent.  We strive to ensure that none of your systems are ever compromised by running preventative testing, probing for vulnerabilities in the systems we manage and tightening security should any weak points be found.  

We also manage this effort in accordance with compliance regulations and standards like HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, ITAR, NIST and more.  If compliance is a concern, let us handle the technical details for you!

Business Phone Systems

With the advent of Voice Over IP (VOIP), phone systems are now classified as a data system like any other IP enabled product.  We offer a complete line of VOIP systems and PBX in the cloud providing you with complete flexibility and reliable voice communications whether you're at the office, at home, or even on the road.

Our scalable cloud PBX systems mean that you can start small but grow quickly and not worry about outgrowing your system.  Our system also integrates seamlessly with your existing cellular provider using advanced technology to ensure you never miss a call.  

Consulting Services

Many technologies exist that could serve your company that you may not know about.  Or perhaps you are aware of technologies that might benefit your company but don't have the know how or man power to implement them.  We have many years of experience working with executive management to bring their desires to reality using technology through integrated teamwork driven by requirements and measured by results!

Our CIO services function at a high level and keep the "big picture" in mind.  We are as comfortable in the boardroom as we are in the wiring closet and it takes knowledge of both of those worlds to shape technology into reality!